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Buy the Creative Outlier

Creative Outlier

Feature-rich Wireless On-ear Headphones with Integrated MP3 Player




Crafted in a featherlight design that fits comfortably on you, the Creative Outlier is a deserving companion on your exhilarating adventures, or outdoor escapades. The Outlier plays audio from four different sources - Bluetooth®, MicroSD card, USB and AUX-in. Complete with a set of Acoustic Rings, the Outlier can be customized to personalise the sound and colour of your headphones.

Your Healthy Lifestyle Companion

Designed for urban commuters and health enthusiasts. Whether you are commuting to work or hiking outdoors, the Outlier is fit for any occasion with its versatile 4-way music playback: Bluetooth, wired, USB audio and microSD card. With the Creative Outlier's 10 hours of battery life, you can also enjoy your favorite tunes all day long.


Enjoy Your Audio the Way You Like It

Enjoy Your Audio the Way You Like It

The Outlier, with its built-in MP3 player, allows you to play your favourite tracks from your microSD card. Supporting MP3, WMA and WAV formats, you can enjoy up to 10,000 high quality MP3 tracks1 by inserting a 32GB microSD card directly into the headphones.

Enjoy Your Audio the Way You Like It

Enjoy Your Audio the Way You Like It

Connect your Bluetooth device to the Outlier wirelessly. Integrated with the robust Bluetooth v4.1 technology, the Outlier supports a wireless connection that secures itself against interferences among other 2.4GHz wireless devices in the vicinity, thus allowing you to enjoy smoother audio playback.

Enjoy Your Audio the Way You Like It

Enjoy Your Audio the Way You Like It

The Outlier supports pristine digital audio playback from your computer via USB. Plus, you can customize your audio settings with the free downloadable software - Sound Blaster Control Panel, to deliver the best audio profile that suits your musical taste.


If you have an NFC-enabled device, pairing with the Outlier takes seconds! Simply tap to pair, and you're all set to enjoy wireless audio via Bluetooth.


The Outlier is also fitted with a regular 3.5mm stereo input that works with the included stereo audio cable. Indulge in non-stop music enjoyment even when the built-in battery runs flat!

Enjoy Seamless Wireless Audio

Designed for seamless audio streaming, the Creative BT-W2 transmits smooth audio playback, as well as low latency voice communication from your PC/Mac. Now, you can enjoy real time audio syncing with your videos, and low latency voice communication for your Skype and video conferences.

Audio Performance

Superb Audio Quality

The Outlier is fitted with a pair of Neodymium drivers to produce great playback of your audio from music to voice calls. Made from an alloy of rare-earth material and other metals, these sensitive drivers deliver powerful sound.

Superb audio quality

Audio Profiles

With the acoustic rings, the Outlier delivers balanced audio.  

Audio Profiles

Want extra punch of the bass? Remove the acoustic rings for tighter bass to your music playback.

Crisp Conversations

The built-in microphone with ClearSpeech™ Engine actively suppresses external noises and digitally enhances speech clarity so that your conversations are loud and clear. Moreover, it is HD Voice-ready2, breathing life into your phone conversations.


Lap Timer

The built-in Lap Timer is designed to provide voice prompts about your lap time and the total time of your activity off the Outlier.4


Great Battery Life

Enjoy up to 10 hours3 of music playback or 8 hours3 of talk time on a single charge. Simply recharge via USB power with the included cable. It is that easy.

File Management

Manage Your Music with Ease

The Outlier allows the content of the microSD card to be accessed and modified directly from your computer when Mass Storage mode is on. This option frees yourself from the hassle of ejecting the storage card and looking for means to connect to the computer to manage your tracks. It is that seamless and convenient.

Supported Devices

Works with PlayStation™ 4

Gamers can plug Creative BT-W2 into the PlayStation 4 to enjoy better wireless music listening and voice communication experience off the Outlier.


On-ear Design

The on-ear design offers great comfort and portability for long hours of listening with smaller ear cups. Plus, it allows you to stay alert to your surroundings, while you run your errands.

Lightest in its Class

The Outlier is crafted from durable and lightweight materials that are ideal for prolonged use. Fitted with soft protein leatherette ear cushions, they fit snugly around your ears to mimic the touch of human skin, thus delivering an almost non-existent feel.


Express Yourself in Vibrant Colors

The Outlier allows you to attach a pair of acoustic rings around each of the ear cups to personalise them according to your style. With six pairs of silicone rubber acoustic rings, go limitless in expressing yourself - be it being adventurous, feeling sexy, all charged up or just having fun! Experiment, tweak your taste and have fun with these options. The Outlier is truly a versatile companion for expressing yourself!


Quick Glance at Outlier

What's in the Box

Creative Outlier Headphones

1.5m micro USB cable

1.2m 3.5mm AUX-in cable

6 pairs of acoustic rings

1 Supports microSD or microSDHC cards up to 32GB formatted in FAT/FAT32. Supported audio formats: MP3, WMA and WAV (16-bit 48kHz PCM). Supports MP3 and WMA up to 320kbps. Does not support WMA Pro/Lossless. Up to 10k tracks from an average of 3MB per track.

2 Works with supported smartphones and mobile networks.

3 Actual battery life will vary with use, settings and environmental conditions.

4 Lap Timer announcements in English only.


Business Insider India

Creative has added some nifty features to the Outlier. The soft-feel leatherette ear pads are ideal for prolonged use. I wore it for hours in the Delhi metro, and my ears never hurt. As the cups are almost the same size as your ears, you can comfortably wear your glasses, and the padding won't push your specs off your face. Audio is OK. I expected average sound at best, thanks to the compact size. However, clarity and sound balance would surprise you. The 32-mm Neodymium drivers offer quality that'll satisfy most light users.

Creative Outlier



Sitting on your ear rather than in them means that your ear canals don't get fatigued, yet because they sit on your ears rather than surround them you also don't have the annoying 'pressing against your head' experience you can get with certain headsets. They're an absolute joy to wear... the actual quality of the sound is very good with all the frequencies well represented and none of them dominating the others. Well rounded is our overarching impression.

Gold Award

Creative Outlier


Gadget Viper

They’re comfortable, offer an impressive battery life, great audio quality and a ton of features. The Creative Outlier’s are the most versatile set of headphones I’ve used and I highly recommend you guys check them out.

Creative Outlier


Customer Reviews

K. Taylor

Product is very light and reasonably comfortable although the ear cushions are a little too firm. Sound is good and the features are perfect for what I purchased it for. The microSD card works really well and you do not need a secondary device to play music. I do like devices that have multiple uses and flexibility.

R. Ball

This product is outstanding, I LOVE it! Easy to use, light and comfortable to wear and well designed. The sound quality is outstanding, Having previously enjoyed the luxury of ZEN mp3 player, the only reason for less than 5 stars is that I would prefer a product with a screen - and I realize that this is neither feasible or practicable. I have the highest regard for CREATIVE products.

P. Chrapan

good price good quality best battery in market and microSD audio option

A Closer Look

System Requirements

  • For wireless streaming:
    Compatible Bluetooth devices that support the Stereo Bluetooth Profile (A2DP)

  • For playback or recording via MicroSD slot:
    microSD or microSDHC cards up to 32GB formatted in FAT/FAT32.
    Common audio formats such as mp3, wma and wav up to 320kbps.

  • For one-touch pairing:
    NFC-enabled devices

  • For direct connection to Line-in jack:
    Analog audio devices with a 3.5mm output or RCA output

  • For Sound Blaster Control Panel:
    PC or Mac

Package Contents

  • 1 pair of Creative Outlier wireless headphones
  • 1 micro USB cable (1.5m / 5ft)
  • 1 stereo audio cable (1.2m / 4ft)
  • 6 pairs of Acoustic Rings


2-year Limited Hardware Warranty (EU Countries)

1-year Limited Hardware Warranty (Non-EU Countries)

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